TinningTinning, also known as calendar slides, is a binding method designed to reinforce edgings with a hardened "tin" end.

- Calendar slides comprise a "V" shaped colored metal strip, complete with plastic hanger and is manufactured to order in any length from 6" (150mm) to 30" (760mm) in a variety of colors.

- Calendar slides provide the fastest, most attractive and least expensive manner of binding and hanging/displaying single and multi sheet calendars, maps, wall charts, posters and other printed material.

- Use 5/8" (16mm) width slides for single sheet printed material, and 3/4" (19mm) slides for multi sheet calendars.

- Slides come complete with pre-attached plastic hangers (eyelets) for tops of calendars and plain slides to neatly finish the calendar at the bottom.

- Slides prevent corners and edges from curling.

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