Loop Stitching is a service commonly used for product catalogues and promotional booklets that can be inserted into ring binders. Usually a client will have two choices when they need material for ring binder use: Loop Stitching and Hole-Drilling. Both are excellent options depending on the clients’ need, but the one key difference is with loop stitching the stitches take the form of loops, allowing bound products to slide easily into ring binders without comprising the design or/and appearance of the catalogue or booklet. Like hole-drilling, loop stitching is compatible with products that include multiple stocks and have a wide range of final trim sizes.

Loop Stitch

Book thickness should be 3/8” or less. Although we can loop stitch thicker books, more weight places more stress on the loop stitches. This can lead to damaged stitches if the book is inserted into a ring binder and the binder is shaken or the book is pulled severely when opened. The exact page count will depend on the thickness of your stock, so let York Bindery help you plan your loop stitching project for success.

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